Experience the Joy of Ice at Santa Monica Through the Lens

Here you will find our captivating photo gallery that showcases the enchanting holiday season in downtown Santa Monica, California!

Each year, as the temperature cools down and the holiday spirit permeates the atmosphere, a magical transformation takes place in this city. The heart of downtown comes alive with an ice rink, a tradition that brings joy and delight to both locals and visitors.

Relive the Moments

In this collection, we invite you to relive the mesmerizing moments from all the festivities. Our photographs beautifully capture the essence of the season, with families and friends coming to skate under shimmering lights while laughter fills the streets. From heartwarming interactions to ficus trees adorned with sparkling decorations, each snapshot tells a tale of winter marvel.

New Year's Eve

Netflix VIP/Influencer Night

Create Your Own
Photographic Memories

However, this webpage is not for reminiscing; it also serves as a guide for photographers who wish to capture the magic of Santa Monica during the season. Whether you're a professional or an amateur enthusiast behind the lens, we have some tips that will help you capture extraordinary photographs.

  • Embrace the Golden Hour: Witness Santa Monica’s winter sunsets that are truly awe-inspiring. The coastline is bathed in a glowing light, creating an ideal moment to capture stunning silhouettes, mesmerizing reflections and breathtaking ocean views.

  • Explore Reflections: Take advantage of the ice rink as a canvas for photography. Use its surface to capture captivating reflections of skaters gliding gracefully, the lights surrounding them and the cityscape.

  • Pay Attention to Details: During the holidays, Santa Monica dresses up with sparkling, shimmering decorations. Zoom in on the details of ornaments, decorative wreaths and unique storefront displays that add charm to the city streets.

  • Capture Some Candids: Unscripted moments make heartwarming photographs. Capture the joy and laughter of families and friends enjoying their time on the ice rink or exploring the winter-themed attractions.

  • Embrace the Spirit of Giving: Capture uplifting moments of kindness that truly embody the essence of the holidays.

Whether you're seeking to discover the enchantment of Santa Monica’s winter or a visitor eager to experience the allure of this paradise, grab your camera and let your imagination take flight!

This year’s rink will be open daily from November 1 through January 15.

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